Wild Oman

Oman has a surprisingly varied wildlife, both on land and in the surrounding waters. Nature reserves have been set up throughout the Sultanate to protect the natural habitats of mammals such as the leopard, Oryx, gazelle, taher, ibex, desert foxes and wild cats. A number of indigenous animals have become endangered, such as the Arabian leopard and the Arabian Oryx. The Jiddat al-Harasis Reserve is home to the Arabian Oryx and the area is listed on the World Natural and Cultural Heritage register by UNESCO. Approximately 400 birds have been recorded in Oman. Located at the hub of three different geographical land masses, Oman is host to many foreign species, such as the Golden Oriole, Nightjar and White Stork. In the breeding season, public entry is prohibited to the Dimaaniyat Islands, where there is a bird sanctuary. In winter eagles migrate to Oman, such as the Imperial Eagle and the Greater Spotted Eagle.


Tourisme Oman

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