Urban Calm - Veronica Webb Yoga -

In a fast-paced city like New York, its easy to get lost in the dizzying options and distractions, from restaurants and shops, to museums and shows. To catch a breather from all the action, New Yorkers find refuge in the calming and restorative practice of yoga. Folllow supermodel Veronica Webb as she visits two New York Yoga studios where she delves deeper into the practice of Anusara, a system based on Hatha yoga, which focuses on alignment of the body and mind and puts particular emphasis on heart opening.

First stop is Shriyoga in Greenwich Village, which concentrates on self-exploration through a number of single classes and extended workshops. Beginners series teach the basics, while more advanced sessions explore breathing sequences, meditation and interactive exercises. Private instruction allows visitors a more personal experience in a lesson of individually tailored poses, and classes for families are available, as well as massage and reflexology services.

Located in SoHo, Virayoga hosts classes ranging from basic to advanced. Other classes cater to all levels, including restorative, meditative, therapeutic and community exercises. Separate workshops, events and lengthy immersion programs take students through extensive sessions devoted to chakra balance and chanting among other things, while the Virayoga annex promotes Eastern healing techniques such as acupunture and deep-tissue, ayurvedic, Swedish or Thai yoga massages.


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