Sugar Sweet Treat - The Spa at Ritz Carlton, Rose Hall, Jamaica -

The Ritz-Carlton, as we know, is a hotel tantamount with luxury vacations and getaways. Walk through the elegant lobby and hallways of their location in Rose Hall, Jamaica and meet Saphie Reid, the hotel Spa Director. Using products exclusive to Jamaican culture, the Ritz-Carlton Spa here delivers treatments like no other. Begin rejuvenation with the popular Sugar Cane Body Scrub, one of four signature treatments. This scrub uses white sand mixed with sugar cane, reflecting the hotel's history as a former sugar plantation. The countrys culture shines through in this treatment with ingredients like crushed oyster shell combined with honey, aloe, milk and a mango papaya cream. This soothing mixture is applied to the body using the therapists hands and a loofah which is naturally grown in Jamaica. After a hydrotherapy bath, an unwinding massage completes the exfoliating, detoxifying and energizing organic treatment.


Hôtels Luxury Spas Ritz Carlton Jamaïque Voyages

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