Las Vegas Showgirls - Las Vegas -

Inspired by the old neon signs of Las Vegas, costume designer Gillian Gardner fashions vibrant and glitzy outfits for showgirls throughout The Strip. Not quite reaching the statuesque height of the showgirls who grace the Vegas stage, Gillian was one of the first to start welcoming visitors arriving at the airport and attending to events in the same elaborately crafted outfits worn in shows.

These handmade creations adorned with rhinestones, feathers and sequins start with a skull cap made of buckram and molded with wire to create a base for the show-stopping (or show-starting) headpiece. Constructing the time-consuming but equally as dazzling tops and bottoms from the finest materials, Gillian hand welds every last sparkly sequin onto the fabrics.Meeting and working with celebs is just one of the perks for the designer, but producing a fantasy transformation for her customers through these lively costumes is what she really loves.


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