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Hoover Dam Hydro-Power Trip - Las Vegas Adventure & Nature -

After a few days on The Strip, you may be longing for a little re-energizing. Thirty miles south of Sin City, you can get right to the source with one of the most powerful Las Vegas attractions (literally). The Hoover Dam is one of the largest electric-power-generating stations in the world and without it, Vegas would still be a pipe dream. Built to put an end to the massive flooding and in turn, devastating drought that plagued the area, the Hoover Dam is a colossal architectural achievement at 726 feet tall and 660 feet wide at the thickest point. The curved concrete wall holds back the waters that form Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United Sates. This man-made wonder achieves the precarious balance of function and beauty with Art Deco detailing and two 30-foot bronze sculptures of winged figures, which act as its mascot.

The fluctuating water level at this skillfully engineered structure finds returning visitors checking up on its rise (and more recent fall) year after year. Get your own up-close-and-personal look with a tour that will take you to lesser-known parts of the dam, or brave the journey to the depths of the generating source itself, a power plant located 530 feet underground. Crossing two time zones between Nevada and Arizona, with the Nevada wing of the power plant spanning 650 feet, the dam gives new meaning to being in two places at once. Travel back in time to the days when the Hoover Dam was just Herberts vision with interactive presentations jam-packed with memorabilia and exhibits on the dams construction and impressive operation. Squeeze past the throngs for a once-in-a-lifetime photo op from the dizzying heights of the observation deck. Dont forget to swing by the gift shop to grab a postcard or other memento to show the folks back home that youve been there, done that.


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