BAHAMAS - Out Islands of The REAL Bahamas

It's better in the Bahamas! Welcome to the Out Islands of the Bahamas, or as we like to call it the REAL Bahamas. This trailer video is a preview to a collection of separate individual island videos of the Out Islands.

It is our intent to show a glimpse of our two hosts (Kevin Oestenstad and Jennifer Fox) discovering the Out Islands of the REAL Bahamas for the first time. Join them on their journey to discover truly authentic Bahamian destination experiences.

They get off the beaten path and SEEK what historical, natural, and cultural wonders these beautiful islands in the Bahamas offers to visitors.

What they found in the Out Islands completely changed their perspective of what they thought about the Bahamas.

More importantly, our hosts found themselves. These tranquil islands and soft white and pink sand beaches as well as, relaxing resorts of the Bahamas also allows you to RECONNECT to yourself and your loved ones.


Bahamas Tourisme Voyages

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